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Going to the library and looking things up

Writing English

Good reading comprehension in Spanish and Hebrew (this is never going to come up again, but kimono in Hebrew is קימונו)

Tenacity? I appear to be the last dwarf left in the mine.


Tons of scans, most of them not mine in my Photobuckets, the easiest way to keep what is what straight is to check the Kitsuke Scans forum, though there are quite a lot over in the Knowledge Banks too. Feel free to use them, but many have watermarks. If you need larger sizes, PM me or write on my talk.


Right now I have about 130 kimono books, including Colors of Japan, Nana-oh 13 19-21 23, The New Kimono, Okimono Kimono and 3 of the In Red kimono specials. You want to know if I own it, check my Library Thing, although vintage books without ISBNs aren't there.

To Do

All the motif pages

Add scans to Kosode

Figure out a page for war time motifs

Work on all the technique pages I started ^.^;;

Work on Mamechiyo page

Finish up Kategaiho International Edition page

Create a Nana-oh page