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Kanji, Kana & Pronunciation
Kimono tsukesage 01.jpg
Romaji Tsukesage
Kanji 付下げ
Kana つけさげ
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Tsukesage are a type of semi-formal kimono in which the designs are discontinuous along most seams. The term "tsukesage" actually refers to a method of patterning traditional Japanese clothing in which the tops of all of the patterns are pointed at the highest part of the shoulder. Often times, no distinction between tsukesage and houmongi is made in Japan.


  • Can be any coloured background, including black or white.
  • Can have rinzu or chirimen base. May also have an all-over shibori base.
  • Can have 0 to 3 kamon. Most commonly no kamon.
  • Distinct clusters of pattern, in specific locations, forming an overall cohesive design.
  • Pattern generally does not cross over the seams with the exception of the okumi panels at front.

Tsukesage Design

Tsukesage are traditionally designed on the bolt before ever constructing the kimono, which is the reason behind the discontinuity of the finished design. The designs are usually placed on seven different sections of the kimono: the top of the right back panel (ue ni migi ushiromigoro), the back of the right sleeve (ushiro ni migi sode), the top of the left front panel (ue ni hidari maemigoro), the front of the left sleeve (mae ni hidari sode), the bottom of the left main back panel (shita ni hidari ushiromigoro), the bottom of the right main back panel (shita ni migi ushiromigoro), and over the seam of the left terminal panel (hidari okumi) and left front panel (hidari maemigoro). The back design serves to point (or flow) to the right shoulder, and the front designs serve to flow up to the left shoulder.

Tsukesage Examples

Formality & TPO

Tsukesage are semi-formal to formal kimono. They fall under "houmongi" in the broad sense (as opposed to fudangi).

TPO - Within Japan

Occasion Formal
Hotel Wedding Reception Yes Yes
Restaurant Wedding Reception Yes Yes
Formal Party Yes Yes
Casual Party No Yes
Dinner Yes Yes
Lunch No OK
Tea Gathering Yes Yes
Graduation Ceremony OK Yes
Practice No No
Theatre, Concert OK Yes
Exhibition OK Yes
Travel No No
Yes - Acceptable to wear.
OK - OK to wear if no suitable alternatives.
No - Unacceptable to wear.

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