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Kanji, Kana & Pronunciation

Romaji Tonbi
Kana とんび
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(n) Men's overcoat

A tonbi (とんび) or manto (マント, from the English word mantle, meaning cloak) is a sleeveless overcoat with a short attached cape worn by men with kimono. Other names include nijuumawashi (二重回し, two-layered wrap) or nijuu-manto (二重マント, two-layer cloak). They are also known as Inverness Coats (インバネスコート), as they were inspired by the sleeveless or long-sleeved overcoats with short attacked capes which originated in Scottish Highland dress and are known in English as Inverness capes. Inverness capes are often associated with Sherlock Holmes, but are still worn in the West with kilts and Highland Dress and less commonly, if of the long-sleeved variety, with men's formal wear. In Japanese, "Inverness coat" is often shortened to Inverness or Inba.

These coats were at their height of popularity in Japan between the Meiji Period and the early Shōwa Period, when Western fashions began to be imported; a sleeveless tonbi was particularly versatile as it could be worn with both Western and Japanese clothing. They continue to be worn by some men with kimono and other wafuku.