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Toma-san's website is an invaluable resource on everything from obi musubi to folding hakama to cleaning tips, all clearly illustrated with what can only be assume are Toma-san's drawings. The problem is that the font Toma-san uses can't be read by many computers--so navigation can be an issue. In order to browse Toma-san's site, this guide has been created.

The pages of text do respond to translation sites. To display the original text if it's not possible the regular way, get the page translated by google and choose to show "original" in the header. This way it is also possible to browse on the website having the readable japanese text displayed.

This is worth skimming over even for the most accomplished kitsuke artist. Some of Toma-san's tips are very illuminating. Her pages may answer any lingering questions you've had, or satisfy your curiosity about areas you haven't yet tried for yourself.

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Section One: Website related Links

Section Two: Basic Kitsuke and Obi Musubi

Section Three: Yukata Kitsuke and Obi Musubi

Section Four: More Complex Kitsuke

Section Five: Children's Kitsuke

Section Six: Folding and cleaning

Section Seven: More Complex Kitsuke

Section Eight: Making Kimono Comfortable

Section Nine: Kimono Overview

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