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Motif Information
Rōmaji Tanpopo
English Dandelion
Kanji 蒲公英
Kana タンポポ
Season Early spring
Seasonal Exceptions #
Auspicious No
Motif Type Flower

Tanpopo refers to one of the twenty dandelion species native to Japan.

Seasonal Use, Exceptions & Pairings

Tanpopo are hardy flowers which bloom in early spring.

Motif Connotations & Symbolism

Tanpopo are also known as tsuzumigusa (鼓草, つづみぐさ, lit. drum grass) because the head of the flower looks like half of a hand drum.[1]

Common Motif Pairings

Identification & Style Variations

Tanpopo is most easily confused with azami (thistle). Both have serrated leaves, but tanpopo's leaves grow in a low cluster at the base of the flower stem whereas azami's leaves alternate along the length of its stem.

Motif Examples

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  1. The Art of Japanese Dyeing Patterns: Kamawanu Collection of Tenegui. PIE International, Tokyo. 2014. p. 156.

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