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Motif Information
Rōmaji takarazukushi, takaradukushi, takaradzukushi
English all kinds of treasures
Kanji 宝尽くし
Kana たからづくし
Season all-seasonal
Seasonal Exceptions none
Auspicious yes
Motif Type auspicous

Takarazukushi (alt. takaradukushi, takaradzukushi) are a specific set of takaramono, of which there are generally seven. Because it is not fixed what 7 seven treasures are part of the takarazukushi, there are more than seven "regular" treasures, and which ones those seven are depends on who one asks.

The representative takarazukushi are:

Seasonal Use, Exceptions & Pairings

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Common Motif Pairings

Auspicious Nature

These motifs are worn in the hope that the treasures may bring forth the kind of luck to which they are associated. Therefore, they are most frequently seen on kimono for children and formal kimono that are worn to special occasions.

Motif Examples

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