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Kanji, Kana & Pronunciation
Romaji Sashiko
Kanji 刺し子
Kana さしこ
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(n)little stitches

Sashiko is a method of quilting using a running stitch. White thread on indigo dyed cotton is the most common, although sometimes red thread may be added for contrast.


Like most quilting, the purpose of sashiko is to hold together multiple layers of fabric creating pockets for insulation. Quilting also allows scrap fabric and rags to be utilized as insulation. Functional sashiko is often found on outer garments and rustic winter kimono. Sashiko today is popular as a purely decorative embroidery technique, although seldom used on kimono.



Formality & TPO

TPO - Within Japan

Occasion Acceptable
Hotel Wedding Reception No
Restaurant Wedding Reception No
Formal Party No
Casual Party No
Dinner No
Lunch No
Tea Gathering No
Graduation Ceremony No
Practice OK
Theatre, Concert No
Exhibition No
Travel OK
Yes - Acceptable to wear.
OK - OK to wear if no suitable alternatives.
No - Unacceptable to wear.

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