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Kanji, Kana & Pronunciation
Obidome 02.jpg
Romaji Obidome
Kanji 帯留め
Kana おびどめ
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(n) obijime decoration

Obidome are small brooches worn threaded onto the obijime, making a charming decoration on the front of the obi. When an obijime is made specifically to be worn with obidome, it will be thinner and flatter than average, and known as sanbu-himo.

These are generally the only jewelry that is acceptable to wear with kimono (other than a wedding band or tasteful watch), and are only acceptable with more casual or funky outfits. However, Maiko will wear a very large and elaborate form of obidome known as pocchiri with their hikizuri. These are often made of incredibly fine materials such as gold and diamonds or emeralds, as well as very detailed enamel workmanship. They are also much larger than normal obidome.


  • Brooch worn on Obijime
  • Can be made of wood, ceramic, resin, mother-of-pearl, or precious metals
  • Typically an informal item, even when made with precious gems
  • Maiko wear very ornate pocchiri
  • Often in designs such as flowers, small objects, or animals

Available in numerous finishes, materials, and sizes, obidome are easily identifiable by their distinctive hardware. The back surface will almost always be flat with two closely-spaced raised rectangular holes, used for sliding the obidome over the thin flat obijime cord.

Obidome Examples

Formality & TPO

Obidome are generally considered an informal accessory, not to be worn with anything above an uncrested houmongi. They are most often worn with komon. They are also typically considered a "youthful" accessory, more frequently worn by young women than older ladies.

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