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Kanji, Kana & Pronunciation
Obiage 08.jpg

Shibori obiage in tansu drawer
Romaji Obiage
Kanji 帯揚げ
Kana おびあげ
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(n) obi scarf

An obiage is a rectangular piece of fabric used in the tying of musubi (obi bows) and to cover the makura. It is sometimes called the "bustle sash" or "obi scarf" in English.


  • most commonly silk or polyester, but also includes acetate and nylon[1]
  • approximately cm (") wide by cm (") long
  • come in any color
  • may have a textile treatment, including chirimen crepe, satin, shibori, embroidery, and dying
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The popularity of the obiage is linked to the prevalence of otaiko musubi, as it is used to cover the makura required to make the bow.

Obiage Examples

Formality & TPO

Least formal to most formal: chirimen, rinzu, shibori, kanoko shibori


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  1. The Book of Kimono by Yamanaka Norio. p63. ISBN: 0870117858