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Motif Information
Motif Mejiro 01.jpg
Rōmaji Mejiro
English Japanese white eye
Kanji 目白
Kana メジロ
Season Spring
Seasonal Exceptions Autumn
Auspicious #
Motif Type Bird

Mejiro refers to the Japanese white eye (Zosterops japonicus).[1] Mejiro are a highly social bird which form complex social hierarchies within a flock during the non-mating season. They are monogamous and the males sing loudly during the breeding season to establish nesting territories.

Mejiro are omnivorous and their diet consists of nectar, insects, and fruit. They are excellent pollinators and significant in pest control. Mejiro were introduced into Hawaii and California for insect control, but have become considered invasive species as they can out-compete native birds for food sources.

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Identification & Style Variations

Mejiro are small birds with olive green backs and cream or gray undersides. Mejiro are most easily confused with uguisu, but may be differentiated by the distinctive white ring around their eye from which they derive their name.

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  1. Wikipedia article on Japanese white-eye. Accessed March 22, 2017.

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