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Kitsuke people mamechiyo 01.jpg
Romaji Mamechiyo
Kanji 豆千代
Kana まめちよ
Location Tokyo
Year Born Around 19XX
Known For Kimono Designer
Website Online Store
Audio Coming Soon

Kitsuke promoter, kimono designer, trendy woman. Mamechiyo creates high-fashion kimono for women.


As a child Mamechiyo dreamed of becoming an apprentice geisha. She started to work in second-hand shops to pursue her attraction to kimono.

Mamechiyo is known for her use of Western patterns, nostalgic retro motifs, and sense of playfulness. Kawaii also plays a large part in her aesthetic as well.

Mamechiyo first came to the attention of many kitsuke afficionados through her 2003 book Mamechiyo Modern. She followed up with Mamechiyo a la Mode in 2005. In 2006, she had her first international show in Toronto, Canada. She also designs kimono for Blythe dolls and created an installation for the ceiling of the now defunct Shu Uemura Boston boutique. She continued her collaboration with the Shu Uemura brand by designing packaging for their Spring 2012 collection,"kimono à la mode."

In 2006, her shop gained a website and an associated blog. She opened her second shop inside Shinjuku’s Marui One building in 2010.


  • Any relations? Isn't her mother something or other?


  • Being awesome


  • “It’s about living kimono as a lifestyle, a philosophy.” [1]
  • "When you wear a kimono, it takes effort. It takes longer and is restrictive. It gives you the opportunity to think and remember things. It slows you down. Everyone has in themselves sincerity and the ability to feel delightful in things around them." [2]
  • "All the strict conventions of kimono are relatively recent inventions. If you go back a bit further, people were wearing their obi tied at the front and all sorts of interesting things, so playing with kimono is part of the heritage." [3]
  • "A kimono has the appeal of letting the person who is wearing it freely express themselves. Like the world of t-shirts, the kimono has a particular shape that it is fixed in. So because the shape is always the same, it is a world in which you have to compete for originality only with a sensibility expressed via color, message, fabric, and coordination. And a kimono is only made of a design, so it is essentially an incomplete thing. It's similar to the way that a karaoke track is incomplete until you add your own voice to it. It's when the wearer adds an obi and accessories with the feeling of creating a collage that it becomes a complete [4]
  • "To express ourselves through fashion is to acknowledge that we are different from others. In the big picture, peace is also the acknowledgment of our differences. If each and every person can start doing this in the one meter of space around them, I believe that peace would naturally come to the world." [5]

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Books Published

Kitsuke people mamechiyo book 01.jpg Book Title Publisher ISBN Amazon
JP :: USA :: UK
Mamechiyo's Kimono Modern
中央公論新社 (2003/11/20) 9784123900584 buy [n/a] [n/a]

Kitsuke people mamechiyo book 02.jpg Book Title Publisher ISBN Amazon
JP :: USA :: UK
Mamechiyo kimono a la mode
出版社: 小学館 (2005/03) 4091034683 Buy [n/a] [n/a]

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