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Featured Article - Kimono Hime

The main focus of the Kimono-Hime style is to create a modern-vintage vibe with your outfit, combining antique kimono and obi with modern western accessories. Each publication of Kimono-Hime has its own focus upon a particular aspect of the style. The title and focus of the first 6 books was an "Antique & Cheap" kimono look, with the others covering "Formal Occasions", "Yukata", "Magnificent Antiques", and the buying of various accessories. (See Kimono Hime)

Kimono-Hime style often uses:

  • Antique/vintage kimono, juban, and obi
  • Bold patterns
  • Striped/patterned socks/tabi
  • Lace
  • Multiple accessories, including gloves, necklaces, hats, scarves, hairpieces, and large bags
  • geta, okobo, or western footwear
  • Multiple layers (showing the layers, meaning the juban is longer than the kimono at hem and sleeves)
  • Patterned juban collar/haneri


Page from KimonoHime Volume 10.

Featured Image

Motif neko 08.jpg

Nemuri-neko (眠り猫) carving by Hidari Jingorō on the Nikkō Tōshō-gū Shrine

Featured Colour

Kanji: 浅緑
Kana: あさみどり
Romaji: Asamidori
English: Light Green
Hex: #88cb7f
RGB: R:136 G:203 B:127
CMYK: C:33% M:0% Y:37% K:20%
Info: A light green colour representing the colour of young leaves and buds.

Featured Motif

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