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Featured Article - Miyako Odori

The Miyako odori (sometimes also referred to as “Cherry Blossom Dance” or “Dances of the Capital”) is the annual spring dance of the Kyoto district Gion Kobu. It was first performed in 1872 and continues today running throughout the month of April.

The Miyako odori started in 1872/ Meiji 5 as part of the Kyoto Exposition to boost moral after the capital was moved to Tokyo.

It has been held nearly every year since 1872, sometimes twice in one year and was closed for 6 years between 1944 and 1949 after the war. The”Miyako Odori Junicho” which was the Miyako Odori prototype was performed for the first time with a full chorus and traditional Japanese Orchestra in a classically beautiful house named “Matsunoya” located in Gion.

Since the first performance the Inoue School of dance Inoue School of dance has taken responsibility for the composition of the dance and music used in the performance and continues to be the only school to contribute to the Miyako odori.


2006 Miyako Odori Poster

Featured Image

Kitsuke of yesteryear akita geisha 01.jpg

Kitsuke of Yesteryear: Geisha of Akita

Featured Colour

Kanji: 山吹色
Kana: やまぶきいろ
Romaji: Yamabuki-iro
English: Mountain Rose, Easter Rose
Hex: #F8B400
RGB: R:248 G:180 B:000
CMYK: C:00 M:36 Y:95 K:00
Info: Yellow with a vivid reddish tinge said to resemble the colour of the yamabuki flower.

Featured Motif

Motif tsubaki 05.jpg

Tsubaki done using yuzen technique
on a komon kimono.

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