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Kyo Odori

The Kyo odori is the annual spring dance from the Kyoto geisha district Miyagawa-cho and runs in early April for about two weeks. The dates change each year so check with the official website before making plans.

Kanji, Kana & Pronunciation
Romaji Kyo Odori
Kanji 京おどり
Kana #
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The Kyo odori was first performed in 1950 at the Miyagawa-cho Kaburen-jo Theater. After the fifth performance the stage was moved to the Minami-za Theater, but with the completion of a new Miyagawa-cho Kaburen-jo Theater in 1969, the dance returned to its original location. [1]

Structure of the Kyo Odori

The Kyo Odori has usually seven scenes.

Similar to the Miyako Odori, the first act of the Kyo Odori has a Japanese style room with a painted screen as the backdrop. A group of maiko and geiko perform together.

The Kyo Odori has a distinct kabuki flavor to the performance with many roles being male as a result of Miyagawa-cho having a strong history and connection with kabuki.

The Miyagawa-cho Ondo song and dance is the finale act where all the performers join each other on stage for the last dance.

Each year for this act the geiko will wear either a blue kimono with peony design or a yellow kimono with iris.

Miyagawa Ondo in the Umemoto style. From Komomo’s book apparently. <<<< Need checking on that but I don't have my book...

The underside of the plate you will receive when you attend the tea ceremony

Cost of Tickets and Location

First class seat and tea ceremony : ¥4500

First class seat only: ¥4000

Second class seat and tea ceremony: ¥2500

Second class seat only: ¥2000

Tea ceremony only: ¥500

Program: ¥500

Performance times: 12.30, 14.30, 16.30 pm daily, lasting 1 hour each.

Costumes and Hairstyles

The two different kimono used by geiko for the Miyagawacho Ondo song and dance. Copyright Toshiha

Odori Programs and Posters

Miyagawa-cho seems to make two posters for the Kyo Odori. For one poster two senior maiko are chosen to model for the poster advertising the dance, whilst the second poster usually features a small group (three or four) of maiko of varying ranks.

Interesting Stuff

Kyo Odori Program Covers

The different styles of cover art for the Kyo Odori change throughout the years, here are a small example.

View the entire gallery of Kyo Odori Program Covers.

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  1. www.pref.kyoto.jp

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