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Komomo (Heisei)

Romaji Komomo
Kanji 小桃
Kana こもも
City Kyoto
District Miyagawa-cho
Okiya Kaden
Year Born  ?
Audio Coming Soon
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Komomo is well known thanks to a book in English with photographs by Ogino Naoyuki having been published in 2008 (?). [1]


Real name: Nasu Ruriko Born on:

Born in Mexico and lived there 3 years before moving to Tokyo. When she started junior high, her father was transferred to Beijing.

Her parents encouraged and wanted her to learn about her Japanese identity; her father read her ancient Japanese classics instead of picture books, and the family liked to play Hyaunin-Isshu (One Hundred Tanka Poems by One Hundred Celebrated Poets). Komomo liked to wear her grandmother's kimono, and would wear it casually in Beijing.

Komomo originally contacted Koito by email, and when she was still a junior high school student, did a two-week internship with Koito. When she finished junior high, she left for Kyoto, only 15 years old and alone. She spent 10 months as minarai, and debuted as a maiko in August 2000. She became a full-fledged geiko in December 2005.

Chidori Lantern in Pontocho
Copyright Chie Gondo

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  • child of Nasu Makoto (father) and Kimiko (mother)
  • Photographer Ogino Naoyuki's main subject
  • her older sister & mama-san is Koito, and her okiya's fellow members are Yachiho, Yasuha, and Kosen


  • erikae was in December, 2005
  • collaborated with photographer Ogino-san on A Geisha's Journey: My Life as a Kyoto Apprentice

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  • Kateigaho International Edition published an article about Komomo in their 2006 Spring Issue (Vol 11) titled Today's Geisha - One Girl's Tale [2], which covers her life briefly, and focuses on her erikae (change from maiko to geiko). It's filled with lovely photographs illustrating her life. She's also gracing the cover of the magazine.

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  1. A Geisha's Journey: My Life as a Kyoto Apprentice, by Komomo & Ogino Naoyuki. ISBN: 9784770030672
  2. KIE, 2006 Spring Issue, vol 11. p86-97. ISBN:4418061088.

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