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Motif Information
Motif kitsune 01.JPG
Rōmaji Kitsune
English Fox
Kana きつね
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Motif Type Animal

Kitsune refers to the red fox (Vulpes vulpes), native to Japan and most of Asia, Europe, and North America.

Kitsune are depicted variously in Japanese folklore as a kind of yōkai and as messengers of Inari, a kami of fertility, rice, tea, sake, agriculture and industry.

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Identification & Style Variations

A special variation of the kitsune motif is the kitsune no yomeiri, (狐の嫁入り, "the fox's wedding").[1] Kitsune no yomeiri consists of a wedding procession of anthropomorphized kitsune. Sun showers are known as kitsune-ame (狐雨, fox rain) in some parts of Japan and are also associated with this motif.

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