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Kitsukeshi to iu Shigoto

Book Information
Title 着付け師という仕事 Kitsukeshi to iu Shigoto
Author/Editor Sachie Sugiyama
Publisher Gentosha
Year Published 2012
ISBN 978-4-344-99893-3
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着付け師という仕事 (Kitsukeshi to iu Shigoto) was written by Sachie Sugiayama, a professional kimono dresser (着付け師 kitsukeshi). In the book, Sugiyama writes what she believes is the key to becoming a successful kimono dresser, as well as a ton of advice, personal experience, and also actual tips and tricks for dressing another person in kimono.

Besides a lot of text, there are also many full color pictures throughout the book. The book gives an interesting perspective and is a fantastic read for anyone wanting to become a kimono dresser in the future.



はじめに (To Begin)
1 プロの着付け師という職業 (The Occupation Called "Professional Kimono Dresser")
Chapter 1 魅せる力:自分で着ることと、お客様に着付けることはまったく違う (The Power to Bewitch: Dressing oneself and dressing a customer are two completely different things)
Chapter 2 技術力:プロの着付け師のゆるぎない手術 (The Power of Technique: The professional kimono dresser's steady surgery)
Chapter 3 現場力:プロの着付け師はホスピタリティ能力が問われる (The Power of the Scene: For a professional kimono dresser, the ability of hospitality will be of concern)
Chapter 4 接遇力:クレームゼロの顧客コミュニケーション能力 (The Power of Reception: Zero-complaint customer communication power)
Chapter 5 人間力:人間力のある着付け師になる (The Power of Man: Become a kimono dresser with human resources)
2 知っておきたい着付け師の基本と心得 (Kimono Dresser Fundamentals and Information which One Would Like to Know in Advance)
Chapter 1 一般着付けの基礎知識 (Fundamental Knowledge for General Kitsuke)
Chapter 2 花嫁着付けの基礎知識 (Fundamental Knowledge for Bridal Kitsuke)
Chapter 3 着付け師としてのたしなみとマナー (Taste and Manner in the Capacity of a Kimono Dresser)
3 プロの着付け師の世界 (The World of a Professional Kimono Dresser)
Chapter 1 コーティネート力 (Coordination Power)
Chapter 2 美しさの黄金比 (The Golden Ratio for Beauty)
Chapter 3 美しく見せるテクニック (The Technique for Showing Beautifully)
Chapter 4 着物の魅力をよみがえらせる (Resurrecting the Charm of Kimono)
4 着付け師として成功するために (For Success in being a Kimono Dresser)
待っている着付け師ではなく、稼ぐ着付け師に (Towards Being Not a Kimono Dresser who Waits, but One who Earns Income)
おわりに (To End)

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Recommended For

  • People wishing to become professional kimono dressers
  • People wishing to learn about techniques for dressing others
  • People looking for TPO and some kimono and motif explanations

Not Recommended For

  • People looking for self-dressing tutorials
  • People who can't read Japanese proficiently
  • People looking for coordination ideas

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