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Kanji, Kana & Pronunciation
Romaji Kinkoma
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(n)gold couching

Kinkoma is a method of gold couching (laid-work). Gold thread is laid across the fabric and then fastened in place with small perpendicular stitches. Kinkoma is often used to outline dyed motifs.

Kinkoma offers special challenges to cleaning a garment as the thread or wire is actual gold that can be stripped away by any harsh chemical cleaning or rough washing.


Gold thread is used to outline larger areas of dyed or embroidered work. Kinkoma is readily recognized by the thickness of the laid gold thread or wire and the fact it does not penetrate the fabric.



Formality & TPO

TPO - Within Japan

Occasion Acceptable
Hotel Wedding Reception Yes
Restaurant Wedding Reception Yes
Formal Party Yes
Casual Party Yes
Dinner Yes
Lunch OK
Tea Gathering No
Graduation Ceremony No
Practice OK
Theatre, Concert OK
Exhibition OK
Travel OK
Yes - Acceptable to wear.
OK - OK to wear if no suitable alternatives.
No - Unacceptable to wear.

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