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Kimono, Color Books Edition

Book Information
Title Kimono, Color Books Edition
Author/Editor Ito, Motoko and Inoue, Aiko
Publisher Hokuisha
Year Published 1979
ISBN 4586540370
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The book is a wonderful little resource. It’s separated into categories that explain types of kimono, types of obi, different weaving and dyeing methods, and dressing instructions. The information is concise and clear, without being patronizing. The obi-tying instructions are accompanied by great photographs that really help with the whole process.

Overall, the book is really a little gem. If you’re very familiar with kimono it certainly won’t give you any amazing heretofore unseen insights, but it’s a great little book to slip into a pocket or sleeve when you’re traveling or just need a quick reference. If you’re not familiar yet, it’s a wonderful introduction to the basics of kimono.



Sample Pages

Recommended For

  • People interested in learning the basics of kimono.
  • People who want to learn about Japanese textiles and decoration methods.
  • People looking for quick references for some simple obi musubi (bows).

Not Recommended For

  • People looking for coordination ideas.
  • People looking for in-depth or advanced resource material.

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