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Kamogawa Odori

The Kamogawa Odori is the annual spring dance of the Kyoto district Pontochō. In the past there have been both spring and autumn dances, the autumn dance called Aki no Kamogawa odori, but was changed to Suimeikai in 1999. The Kamogawa Odori runs from the 1st of May to the 24th.

Kanji, Kana & Pronunciation
2006 Kamogawa Odori Poster
Romaji Kamogawa Odori
Kanji 鴨川をどり
Kana おどり
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The first Kamogawa odori took place in 1872/Meiji 5 at the Kyoto Exposition along with the first Miyako Odori. With the success of this first dance, it continued each spring until 1884/Meiji 17 when it took a 12 year break. ( Try to find out why if possible)

The performance resumed in 1895/Meiji 28 as an annual spring dance apart from the following years:

1904/Meiji 37 there was no performance.

1915/Taisho 4 there were two performances in the year.

1928/ Showa 3 there were two performances in the year again.

1944 and 1945 no performance was held.

1946 the spring dance returned annually until 1951/Showa 21 when the regular bi-annual dances started (Aki no Kamogawa in autumn) and continued until 1999/Heisei 11 when the Aki no Kamogawa dance was changed to Suimeikai.

Structure of the Kamogawa Odori

Cost of Tickets and Location

The Kamogawa Odori runs in May from the 1st to the 24th with three performances during the day. Performances are held at 12.30pm, 2.20pm and 4.10pm and each lasts for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

There are three classes of tickets that you can choose from for the performance:

¥4500- which includes the special sets for the dance and tea ceremony.

¥4000- gives you special seating for the dance.

¥2000- gives you ordinary seats for the dance.

If you are staying at a Hotel or Ryokan they may be able to make a booking for you and please check the official Kamogawa Odori website for any price or time changes.

The theatre is located at:

Ponto-cho Kaburenjo Theater

Telephone: 075-221-2025

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