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Kanji, Kana & Pronunciation
Kimono irotomesode 01.jpg
Romaji Iro Tomesode
Kanji 色留袖
Kana いろとめそで
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  • Solid one colour background (with the exception of antique pieces that may have dyed or woven stripes).
  • Antique pieces can be either flat silk, rinzu or chirimen. Modern pieces are chirimen.
  • Can have from 1 to 5 kamon.
  • Pattern sweeping across the lower half of body.
  • No patterns on upper body or sleeve (with the exception of antique pieces that may have stripes. See below for exceptions).
  • Antique irotomesode may come with a kasane layer or dounuki that typically has a repeat of the irotomesode pattern or a slightly altered version.

Iro Tomesode Examples

Formality & TPO

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TPO - Within Japan

Occasion Acceptable
Hotel Wedding Reception Yes
Restaurant Wedding Reception Yes
Formal Party Yes
Casual Party No
Dinner No
Lunch No
Tea Gathering OK
Graduation Ceremony No
Practice No
Theatre, Concert No
Exhibition No
Travel No
Yes - Acceptable to wear.
OK - OK to wear if no suitable alternatives.
No - Unacceptable to wear.

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