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Motif Information
Motif ine 01.jpg
Rōmaji Ine, Inaho
English Rice plant, Ear of rice
Kanji 稲,稲穂
Kana イネ, いなほ
Season Autumn
Seasonal Exceptions Spring, Summer
Auspicious Yes
Motif Type Plant

Rice has long been a staple of the Japanese diet.

Seasonal Use, Exceptions & Pairings

Ine with inaho (ears of rice) visible and ready for harvest is an autumn motif. If the ine is green and unripe, it is either a spring or summer motif.

Unhusked rice kanzashi is customary for maiko on New Year's.

Motif Connotations & Symbolism

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Auspicious Nature

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Ine kamon

Common Motif Pairings

Identification & Style Variations

Harvested inaho may be shown bundled for drying.

Motif Examples

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