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Hikizuri (Odori)

Kanji, Kana & Pronunciation
Romaji Hikizuri
Kanji 引きずり
Kana ひきずり
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(n) trailing hem kimono

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Odori Hikizuri Kimono Examples

Images of kimono

Formality & TPO

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TPO - Within Japan

Occasion Acceptable
Hotel Wedding Reception Maybe
Restaurant Wedding Reception Yes
Formal Party Maybe
Casual Party Yes
Dinner Yes
Lunch Yes
Tea Gathering Maybe
Graduation Ceremony Yes
Practice Yes
Theatre, Concert Yes
Exhibition Yes
Travel Yes
Yes - Acceptable to wear.
OK - OK to wear if no suitable alternatives.
No - Unacceptable to wear.

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Authors & Contributors

Author/s: Erica Pai (Iyolin (IG Username))

Contributors: Naomi Graham Hormozi (Immortal Geisha (IG Username))