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Motif Information
Motif Fundo 01.jpg
Rōmaji Fundō, Fundou
English Counterweight
Kanji 分銅
Kana ふんどう
Season All-season
Seasonal Exceptions none
Auspicious Yes
Motif Type Auspicious

Fundō are one of the takarazukushi. The kanji in the word are 分 (fun; ration, proportion) and 銅 (okagane; copper).

Seasonal Use, Exceptions & Pairings

Fundō are an auspicious design and are therefore non-seasonal. However, they are often featured on kimono that are to be worn in times in which one would want good luck, such as weddings, children's kimono for Omiyamairi and Shichi-go-san, and new years.

Motif Connotations & Symbolism

Fundō are a merchant's counterweights. They were used on a scale to determine the weight, and therefore worth, of an object on the other side of the scale. They were originally made of copper. Being associated with scales, they represent money, wealth, trade, and business.

Auspicious Nature

As an auspicious motif, fundare worn in order to attract wealth.

Common Motif Pairings

Identification & Style Variations

Fundō are axe blade-like in shape and have two circles flanking the depression in the middle. The wide ends may be curved or scalloped.

Motif Examples

Motif in Literature & Other Usage

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