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Fashion Style: Otoko-poi

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Page from KimonoHime Volume 10


Girls who dress like boys!

Style Focus

Otoko-poi style often uses:

  • hakama
  • kaku obi
  • men's hats
  • collared Western shirts
  • boots
  • men's kimono or more masculine-looking women's kimono
  • items that are in colors more associated with men's kimono fashion, such as indigo, dark blues, dark greens, browns, and black

Translation To Daily Wear

Usually a Meiji Era look. Still somewhat feminine; they're not trying to cross-dress convincingly, just incorporating some men's style into their kimono look.

Wearing obi lower, like men do. Wearing a women's (or men's) kimono with a kaku obi, low, like men do.


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