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Fashion Style: Nagoya-jyo

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Ironically enough, the Nagoya-jyo look originated in Shibuya as an offshoot of the Gyaru fashion movement, 'Hime-Gyaru". About 5 or 6 years ago, and it has long sinced passed into Tokyo's fashion history. Nagoya as the forgotten middle child of Japan's big cities however, has embraced the over the top style for its own. As a style itself, Hime-Gyaru became synonymous with sexy, sophisticated, glamorous and risque. The style is still common in Hostesses clubs, and of course the trendy shopping districts of Nagoya.

Yukata and Furisode styles are the primary kimono worn in this style.


  • "Rock Star" and "Baby" are typical fashion themes. Lots of magenta and black or baby colours, in very large, modern patterns. Roses are a typical motif, accented with gold and sometimes glitter and rhinestones.
  • Obiage can be beaded, glittery, sequined, furry, lacy and are draped for effect, rather than for functionality.
  • Layers and modern fabrics, which include lace, pearls, sequins and 80s style lame are used for accessories.
  • Big hair, often bleached to blond or honey-brown and usually curled, and sometimes worn down
  • Glitter is used as an accent on fabric and sometimes make-up.
  • Make-up is loud and dramatic.
  • Yukata are worn with a puchi-obi. Essentially a lace or chiffon accent where an Obiage would be worn, tied in a bow in the back to accent the Obi. Not to be confused with Heko-obi which may also be worn with this style.

Suggested Accessories

  • Fake Eyelashes (which may or may not have rhinestones glued to them)
  • Oversize Flower and Feather Corsages in the hair and possibly worn on the Obi for added decoration as well. Tiny Hats are not uncommon.
  • Han-Eri are heavily embroidered
  • Date-Eri have beads or lace or sequins on them.
  • Obijime may have pearls, rhinestones, charms such as Cameos on them. They may or may not actually be 'functional' Obijime.
  • Lace edging on the Juban sleeves and collars.
  • 80s style lame, sequined fabrics or chiffon Obiage
  • Crazy Deco-style fingernails

Accessory DIY

  • Beads, glitter, sequins, and rhinestones can be attached easily to collars
  • Lace sewn to Juban and hems
  • Flowers and feathers on a hairclip

The trick is when you think you've gone too far, you're probably about halfway there. The details such as eyelashes and hair are important as the overall look rather than individual pieces is the important aspect.


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