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Fashion Style: Mori Girl

Mori means "woods" or "forest." A community devoted to the style was founded on mixi in 2006 and mori girl style began to become visible in Japanese fashion magazines around 2007. Both 森ガール (Mori-Girl) magazine and 森ガールpapier, an offshoot of papier magazine, began publishing in September 2009. Valon began publishing the month after. By February 2009, Spoon magazine published a supplement called "Mori-Girl A to Z." Although mori girl style had entered mainstream fashion by 2009, it was not until 2011, when mori girl style was featured by name in Kimono Hime Volume 10.


  • Layers
    • Knitted or crocheted accessories especially long scarves wrapped around the neck several times, hats, and boleros or short capes
    • Fur stoles
    • Tights
    • Round-toed shoes
  • Motifs
    • Cute forest animals like squirrels and fawns
    • Vintage western style checks, polka dots, and floral prints
    • Scandanavian folk motifs
  • Palette
    • Beige or ivory is often the basis of the layered look, layering neutrals on neutrals
    • Deeper hues such as wine red, forest green, navy, or brown leather are used sparingly as accents
  • Accesories
    • Vintage leather satchels
    • Pocket watches
    • Zakka and handmade jewelry


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