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Motif Information
Rōmaji Chayatsuji
English Teahouse landscape
Kanji 茶屋辻
Kana ちゃやつじ
Season Summer
Seasonal Exceptions All-Season
Auspicious No
Motif Type Man Made

Chayatsuji originally referred to a resist paste dyeing technique rendered in indigo on hemp cloth. [1] It has now come to mean the most commonly rendered motif in this method- a teahouse with water and flower motifs.

Seasonal Use, Exceptions & Pairings

Chayatsuji is traditionally a summer motif due to it being rendered on hemp, but the addition of other motifs can make it all season, especially if rendered on silk. The seasonality is then determined by the lining.

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  1. Daruma Magazine Glossary

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