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Motif Information
Motif bara 10.jpg
Rōmaji Bara
English Rose
Kanji 薔薇
Kana ばら
Season Summer
Seasonal Exceptions Commonly matched with other "Western" motifs, and also appears on kimono + obi from every season.
Auspicious Yes
Motif Type Flower

Bara (English: rose), are perennial flowering plants of the genus Rosa.

Seasonal Use, Exceptions & Pairings

Common Motif Pairings

Roses are often paired with Taisho Roman influences and overtly Western themes such as Victorian towns, lace, or European castles.

Kimono are a summer motif according to ana's ikimaru's seasonality motif guide [1] and can be found on strictly-summer obi, but they also appear commonly on awase (lined, never worn in summer) kimono and other non-summer items. Bara seasonality is not as strict as some other motifs, with seasonality sources even vacillating between it being a summer and winter motif (although most list it as summer.)

Motif Examples

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Motif in Literature & Other Usage

In Poetry


In the time of the Taisho era, there was a brief trend for maiko to wear bara kanzashi. Examples of that can be seen here:

BlueRuin1 notes [2] that the bara kanzashi appeared to be worn in late winter or early spring, further confusing bara's seasonality.

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Seasonality by Month - ana's ikimaru

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