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Kanji 浅緑
Kana あさみどり
Romaji Asamidori
English Light Green
Hex #88cb7f
RGB R:136 G:203 B:127
CMYK C:33% M:0% Y:37% K:20%

Dyeing Method

Seasonality & Exceptions

As asamidori is based on the colour of the young leaves that have budded, it is considered to be a representation of early spring.

History of Use

use in Nara period use of colour name as rank in Heian period use of colour in kasane no irome historically, original asamidori was slightly more yellow than modern


Hex: #B1d0a2
Note: n/a
Hex: #9bcf97
Note: n/a
Hex: #7ABA84
Note: n/a

Other Names

Kanji Romaji English
add Asakimidori Shallow Green

In Literature

The color yamabuki-iro is mentioned often in The Tale of Genji (in certain translations, called kerria, based on it's scientific name). One such mention:

Check pillow book, check genji

In Poetry

find kanji and cite reference:

hana mo hitotsu ni
oboro ni miyuru
haru no yo no tsuki

The faint green
and flowers become one
in the (spring) haze -
and misty shines
the moon in the spring sky.

find kanji and cite reference:

ito yorikakete
shiratsuyu o
tama ni mo nukeru
haru no yanagi ka

along slender threads
of delicate twisted green
translucent dewdrops
strung as small fragile jewels —
new willow webs in spring

Kasane no Irome

Insert any


Authors & Contributors

Author/s: Naomi Graham Hormozi (Immortal Geisha (IG Username))