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Tokyo Odori Programs

The English text and select scans have been reproduced on Immortal Geisha as an effort to build an archive and help preserve this charming ephemera based history of the flower and willow world. All text and scans have been reproduced in a rather time intensive manner from either the private collection of Naomi Graham-Diaz of, or from It is requested that no part of this text or images be reproduced on other websites.

It is hoped that you enjoy this little known piece of geisha history!

Azuma Odori ("Tokyo Dance")
28th - 31st May
The first performance of the Azuma Odori by the geisha and hangyoku of Shinbashi was in 1925, shortly after the opening of the Shinbashi Enbujo. The opening of the Shinbashi Enbujo was a huge achievement for the Shinbashi quarter, as the theatre was built for the geisha themselves to enable them to showcase their hard work, dedication, and talent.

The Azuma Odori, named after the ancient name for the city, quickly became an annual favourite of Tokyo, being performed both in Spring, and then in Autumn. Unfortunately, whilst it used to be performed over a period of a couple of weeks, it is now only performed over the span of 4 or so days.

Please click below to view the English text from these programs...

Azuma Odori
1949 Spring

Azuma Odori
1950 Autumn
Azuma Odori
1951 Spring

Azuma Odori
1951 Autumn

Azuma Odori
1952 Spring
coming soon!
Azuma Odori
1952 Autumn
coming soon!

Azuma Odori
1953 Spring
coming soon!

Azuma Odori
1954 Autumn
coming soon!