moving your wafuku

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moving your wafuku

Post by WhiteThistle » Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:44 pm

I'm moving for the second time this year and I wanted to share my experience with moving when it comes to a -large- kimono collection

-cardboard boxes:
No such a good idea for kimono and obi. Regular moving boxes are too heavy -for me- to carry around when full of silk.
Being filled with fabric they tend to bend and rip when piled up
I would recommend those boxes for komono, footwear and accessories.

-plastic boxes:
nice alternative to carboard ones as they won't bend and are see through so you know what's inside . You can find ones with little wheels to make things easier.
cons: can get expensive if you buy them only for the moving.

-ikea /xxl bags/ichiroya bags/shopping bags:
worked really great for me for anything that is not in tatoushi and for obi tatoushi (smallest ones) they just squeeze inside the ikea bags.You can fit more kimono than you might expect in a shopping bag!
Are easy to pile up and carry around.
My personnal preference :laugh:

okay for super precious items or very small collection :)

easy to carry from appartment to car, one small load at a time. I wrap ~7-10 to them in bedsheets or large fabric pieces.If you have a truck make sure they won't get scrambled by other stuff/furnitures

Here's what my collection looks like before moving (about 100 kimono and 60 obi + komono :eep: )

Please share your wafuku moving experiences ^^

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Re: moving your wafuku

Post by ainokimono » Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:59 am

The last few times I've moved, I tied up my tatoshi-wrapped kimono in bundles of 10, packed most of my other kimono and obi (and Kimono Salon magazines as space fillers) in Korea Post boxes. Some of my kimono, obi and odds and ends went in Ziploc XXL totes. My accessories are in random small boxes, so they all went in Korea Post boxes as well. All of my books and magazines were packed in JapanPost mailing bags (they're so strong!!)

I dread the day I have to move again LOL

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Re: moving your wafuku

Post by hellokitty8182 » Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:58 pm

I use to keep all my kimono in plastic boxes so when I moved I just told the movers to be extra careful with those plastic boxes.

Now they are in 2 sets of drawers but I am keeping my boxes just in case.

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Re: moving your wafuku

Post by Quat » Sat Apr 29, 2017 3:40 pm

After my last move, I threw out a lot of my plastic tubs. Some of them I'd had for many years, and you could tell. Cracks, shattered corners, scratched up, etc, but the older ones made it through three moves, so what can I say! If you're thinking about investing in plastic tubs for moving or storing purposes, make sure you get ones that are long enough for tatoushi to lay in flatly and have lids that snap firmly on. Somehow I ended up with ones that either were just a little too narrow, or didn't have secure lids. Boooo! But the shallower ones meant to go under beds were best for me, as they stopped me from ending up with a tub that was too heavy to carry when filled with kimono.

The ikea bags are great too, especially for obi or kimono that you don't mind getting a little mushed. Super cheap and hold a lot! There's going to be a new ikea opening up the road from me next month and I'm definitely going to get the totes with zippers.

I've promised myself next time I move, I'm hiring someone to do all the heavy lifting. :sword:

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Re: moving your wafuku

Post by Gikuyu » Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:41 am

I used a ton of those Shinei bags (with the kitty on) to move my stuff.
One bag could hold 6-8 obi so with a 60+ obi collection you only need about 10 bags ^^ Quite handy!

So I just keep a stash of those in case I need to move again. :sword:

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Re: moving your wafuku

Post by aethyreal » Fri Mar 30, 2018 6:48 pm

I just moved a couple miles from my old place and, since it was so close, I decided to move them in their tansu drawers. Of course, I didn't let anyone ELSE move those drawers. :laugh: They fit nicely stacked across the back seat of my compact car and stacked easily at the new place while the rest of the tansu pieces were moved. Not a good solution for long moves but it works well when you can move a carload by yourself.

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Re: moving your wafuku

Post by koneko » Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:05 pm

Hi :smile: Like Quat, I have a lot of the long under-bed style plastic storage boxes - I used to use them to store kimono at one time, ten to a box (boxes opened and aired out monthly. Fortunately, mine are just long and wide enough to hold tatoushi, so they were great to move everything.

Just a little point: I moved into a new house and unpacked all my tatoushi into their storage, then took all the plastic boxes up into the attic for next time - I even put a few kimono out onto mannequins in their new home, very pleased with myself for doing so in a timely fashion, for once (okay, it was five months--what, that's timely, for me!)...only to find out that my new house had the dreaded carpet beetles (who also eat silk)!

I now have about ten of the boxes back down from the attic for a different use: each has a single kimono loosely placed inside (any that were out on display and so may be harboring eggs), and a sheet of carpet-beetle insecticide taped to the lid (spoke to a museum friend; a single item per box, the amount of insecticide carefully measured for the internal space of box, and the click-sealable lid tight on, then open the boxes once a month and carefully refold the fabric so that all sides get exposed to the insecticide without touching it, for the next six months!). At least I had some good quality boxes right there, ready to use!

The moral of this story: Wait until Summer is in full swing before you start unpacking your precious kimono - you never know what might be hiding in between the floorboards waiting for a little warm weather to wake up and feed! :angerburst:

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