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Tamakazu - Gion Kobu - Tama Okiya

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 8:41 am
by IG Team

[Moved from identification thread]

That three-leaf oak mon appears to be the one that the okaasan of Tama okiya, Tamakazu (real name Matsuo Hisae), used as a maiko:

You can see it on her darari obi:

You can see it on the shoulder of her hikizuri:

She might have started using the paulownia when she opened Tama (possibly even when she became an independent tachikata geiko).
You can also see Ryuumori-Dannas' theory on her personal mon, and possible difference between ochaya Tama and okiya Tama mon here:

For more about her, he has a timeline of her career here (and misedashi photo!):