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Post by IG Team » Tue Jul 12, 2016 7:30 pm

The Immortal Geisha forums were created to provide a place for people to meet others of like-minded interests and to be a place for educational discussion in relation to geisha and traditional Japanese arts and traditions.

While I greatly encourage people to discuss and debate all facets of these subjects, I have always been very uncomfortable with topics that focus mainly on starting your own okiya, asking people to join or how to become a furisode/kimono-san yourself.

There are many reasons why I am uncomfortable with this but one of the main reasons is the reputation of the website.

I have worked hard for many years to build Immortal Geisha into the resorce and community it is and I have always been very conscious about maintaining that Immortal Geisha is purely an educational website. My concern is that if an Okiya or Furisode/kimono-san business is started after being discussed/originating from the forums it has the potential to be mis-interpreted by many, and the possibility of it being traced back to the Immortal Geisha website and possibly tarnishing the reputation is high.

While this may sound selfish, I've devoted so much of my time, money and resources into this website purely out of love for the subject to keep it going for everyone, even during hardships when I felt I wanted to close it all. I would be devastated if anything happened to the reputation of the site.

I really do appreciate the enthusiasm and dedication people have in the culture to feel they want to replicate it - but I have to request that all discussions in relation to creating your own okiya, asking people to join your okiya, or how to become a furisode/kimono-san be kept off the Immortal Geisha forums. If you wish to discuss anything like that with any member of the forums - please do it via email.

From hereon out, the moderators and administrators have been instructed to just simply delete any topics in relation to creating your own okiya, recruiting or becoming a furisode/kimono-san. If anyone tries to skirt around the restriction by including/asking about that in a post that is of another subject, the offending part will be edited out.

I do apologize if I seem harsh especially seeing I am normally very laid back and open about what is discussed on the forum. I just feel very strongly about this and I humbly ask that people respect my feelings in this matter.


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