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Prohibited Topics

Post by IG Team » Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:14 pm

Immortal Geisha Forums and Facebook group encourages open and diverse conversation, however, we do have a few topics that are prohibited for various reasons. Please review the list and explanations below carefully and if you have a topic you'd like to discuss, but feel uncertain if it falls within prohibited topics or not, please do not hesitate to contact the moderating team to ask prior to posting.

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Cultural Appropriation
In the past, discussions regarding cultural appropriation, as well as the differences between appropriation and appreciation, have elicited strong opinions and reactions from members of our group. As we feel that the topic has been thoroughly discussed, and additional commentary inevitably causes controversy, we have made the decision that no further discussion of the topic is permitted on either the forum or Facebook group.

The moderating team for Immortal Geisha acknowledges that cultural appropriation is a legitimate and real issue for many of our members. We also are well aware of the difference between cultural appreciation and appropriation, and of historical issues including but not limited to Orientalism and Japonisme. Conversely, many members do have an interest in or practice any number of Japanese traditional arts, including kimono collecting and kitsuke, and we wish to respect the right for those members to study, admire, and practice those arts.

We encourage members who wish to learn more about this matter to review the below listed articles along with archived threads on the topic, but no further discussion is permitted. Any new threads or discussion will be deleted. Repeated infractions by the same member may incur an official warning.

Please be patient as we finalize our list of links to relevant articles

Asking how to become an official geisha or maiko
Please be patient as we finalize the thread addressing this.

Creation of Foreign Okiya, Geisha, etc
Any discussions of creating a foreign equivalent of geisha, maiko or furisode-san, along with opening an okiya outside of Japan or outside of established professional hanamachi in Japan in accordance to their own standards and regulations is forbidden.

Fiona Graham / Sayuki
Fiona Graham (also known as Sayuki) operates as an independent geisha in the Tokyo area. While she was initially affiliated with the professional geisha community there, both her and her past and current business ventures have historically been a frequent and controversial topic on both the forum and Facebook group.

Due to that reason, we feel it is in the best interests of the Immortal Geisha group as a whole to prohibit any further discussion regarding Ms. Graham, her professional and academic background, and past and current business ventures both on the forums and Facebook group. The original thread about her has been locked, and any new threads started will be deleted.

Other people’s henshin photos
Unless you are trying to determine who a particular geiko or maiko may be, you absolutely MAY NOT post photos of other people's henshin asking for opinions about what they have done right or wrong. Exception: Press / Media released photographs, in approved thread: ... f=45&t=629

Other people’s kimono photos
You absolutely MAY NOT post photos of other people’s kimono photos to poke fun at or to ask opinions about what they have done right or wrong. Exception: Press / Media released photographs, in approved thread: ... f=45&t=629

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