Rules & Prohibited Behaviour

All members are required to read through the rules and forum etiquette guidelines before posting.

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Rules & Prohibited Behaviour

Post by IG Team » Mon Mar 06, 2017 8:30 pm

Bigotry and Racism
There is absolutely no room in this group for any form of bigotry or racism and while each situation will be reviewed on a case by case basis, we will not hesitate to issue an immediate ban without a warning.

Age Limit
While the Immortal Geisha Forums and Facebook group are not adult forums, occasionally there are topics of an adult nature being discussed. Consequently, the moderating team believes it is inappropriate to have members under the age of 15. If you are under 15, please wait to join until you have turned 15. If we discover there are members who have been dishonest about their age, they will be removed from the forums and Facebook group and asked to re-join when they are of age.

Anyone who spams will be immediately, permanently banned without warning and their posts deleted.

False Claims / Lying
Lying or making false claims to fellow forum and Facebook group members is unacceptable. Examples of such behaviour are impersonating another forum member, using multiple accounts with malicious intent, or claiming to be someone from the kimono or geisha world, whether it be maiko, geiko, or author. Anyone making such claims will be carefully scrutinized.

If we find that you have copied someone else's research and presented it here on the Immortal Geisha forums as your own, or without accrediting it to the original author, we will issue an immediate, permanent ban.

If you come across information you would like to share, you may quote an excerpt with credit, and preferably, a link. Additionally, please read our thread about acceptable use of Creative Commons, Open Source and Public Domain literary works, along with our guideline for sharing Photographic Works.

Piracy, requests for downloads, and/or sharing of materials that were obtained in contravention of local rules
Piracy is illegal, and we do not enable and condone illegal activity. This includes recommendations for using P2P services, linking to websites with pirated content for downloads or linking to video streaming site that contains pirated content. Please view our thread listing legal sources for viewing content. Any posts asking for help finding copyrighted or commercial material on streaming video sources or for direct downloading will be removed. Additionally, sharing of materials or links to materials that were obtained in contravention of local rules are not permitted and will be removed. Repeated infractions by the same member will incur an official warning.

Requesting help with schoolwork or research
This rule is is undergoing major revision and clarification. Until completed, asking for any kind of help with schoolwork, school-related projects or research related to commercial or profit projects is prohibited. Offending posts will be deleted and repeated infractions may incur an official warning.

Prohibited Topics
For further detailed information with regard to the below listed prohibited topics, please carefully review the separate Prohibited Topics thread.
  • Cultural Appropriation
  • Asking how to become an official geisha or maiko
  • Any discussions of creating a foreign equivalent of geisha, maiko, furisode-san, or okiya
  • Other people’s henshin photos
  • Other people’s kimono photos
  • Fiona Graham / Sayuki

Facebook Only: No Off-Topic Posting
No posting of non-kimono, Japanese or Geisha related articles with the exception of participating in the “How Are You? Wednesday” posts.

Acceptable Posts:
  • Kimono
  • GeiMaiko
  • Japanese culture
  • Japanese language
  • Japanese arts
  • Japanese history

We do love reading non-kimono articles and discussions, but unfortunately with the way the Facebook format and newsfeed is, we feel it will clutter the feed and distract away from the original subject matters. If you wish to discuss off topic subjects, please utilize the General Chit Chat sub-forums:

General Chit Chat

This is an entire, large sub-section available for Registered Users to post all manner of off topic things, such as Pokemon Go, cooking, television shows, costuming, movie reviews, general off-topic shenanigans just to name a few.

Crowdsourcing or Crowdfunding
Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding are not normally permitted on either the forums or Facebook group. However, with advance permission from the administrative team, select crowdfunding initiatives may be permitted to advertise contingent that it is for a not-for-profit cause in support of the promotion of traditional Japanese arts. Please note that the administration team reserves the right to decline advertising for crowdfunded projects deemed to substantially support a specific personal commercial or business venture.

Additionally, the Immortal Geisha administration team may conduct periodic crowdfunding to cover the server, domain and hosting costs related to the site (with any excess funds going to a registered charity).

Any member joining the forums or Facebook group with the sole purpose to troll or antagonize individual members or the group as a whole will receive an immediate ban.

Any member who joins with the sole purpose to scam other members will receive a permanent ban. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • False sales
  • “Borrowing” upon an agreement and not returning
  • Leading people to believe you are someone you are not

Defamation (aka: Slander, Libel)
Any forum or Facebook member found to be slandering either a member of the moderation team or forum user, whether on the Immortal Geisha forums and/or Facebook group or another external website will receive an immediate ban.

It is important to understand that in many areas, defamation of character is considered a criminal offense. For further information on what constitutes as defamation, please review this article:

Stalking, Harassment and Threatening Behaviour
Stalking, harassment and threatening behaviour is considered criminal in many countries and is absolutely prohibited within the forums and/or Facebook group. Any forum or Facebook member reported to be stalking and/or making threats of harm or acting in a harassing manner, online or offline, towards any member of the forums or Facebook group or towards the moderating team will receive an immediate ban.

Compromising, Hacking or Unauthorized Access of forum software, website and/or database breach.
Any forum or Facebook member found to have had unauthorized access to forum software, website or database, regardless of if the intent was malicious or not, will receive an immediate, permanent ban. This includes members, former members and banned members who may previously have had authorized access.

Unauthorized access to servers and database is considered a criminal activity in most countries and any instances will be reported to the appropriate authority both within the USA and the country the hacking originated from.

Unofficial moderating of members
Unauthorized moderating of members on the forum and/or Facebook group severely interrupts not just the atmosphere, but also the trust of members, along with interfering with official moderating efforts. Any forum or Facebook member not on the official list of moderators (found here) found to be acting in a moderating capacity or dictating forum behaviour of any members via private channels will receive an immediate temporary ban while the situation is under investigation, with the potential of upgrading to a permanent ban depending on the severity and impact of the matter.

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