How Does The Moderating Process Work?

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How Does The Moderating Process Work?

Post by IG Team » Mon Mar 06, 2017 8:04 pm

  • Moderating Review Process
  • Appeals Process

The moderating team as a whole, rather than any one individual moderator, work together to resolve any issues and decide on an appropriate course of action.

All the moderators tend to have very slightly different views about issues, which means the course of action selected in the end has been very thoroughly reviewed and agreed upon by all moderators. Our aim is not to play favourites, but to be fair to all and keep the atmosphere of the forum intact.

As the moderating team resides in different timezones, along with various availability of free time, it can take a few days for the review process to be completed.

Moderating Review Process

1. The Report is received through either the forum or Facebook and logged by the moderators.
  • Forum -- this takes place within the built in reporting system and can be reviewed by the entire moderating team. Members of the moderating team make an effort to check for reports when they are online.
  • Facebook -- the reported content, and the the complaint (if one has been provided via private message) is copied and then pasted in the forum reporting system for record keeping.
2. Preliminary investigations are conducted by a member of the moderating team on both the forum and Facebook. This is usually done by the first available moderator who reviews the report. Any immediate actions that needs to be taken will be done by that moderator and logged within the reporting system.

Possible actions can be one, more, or all of the following:
  • screenshot of reported issue
  • deletion of reported content or post
  • locking, archiving or deleting of thread (forum)
  • temporary ban of member until moderating team can discuss
  • permanent ban of member if infraction is serious enough.
3. For Minor issues that do not warrant an official warning, a member of the moderating team will discuss the matter with the involved parties. The incident will be logged in case further follow-up is required, but no official warning will be issued.

4. For Moderate issues that warrant an official warning, a moderator drafts up and issues the warning using the warning system. The warning system automatically logs the issued warning.

5. For Major issues warranting a ban, or a 3rd strike minor incident, they will be flagged for discussion by a team of no less than 5 moderators, who will come up with a consensus decision.

A member of the moderating team will then be assigned as the main point of contact and will be responsible for the drafting and issuing of the ban notification, logging of actions taken within the warning system, along with handling any further follow-up issues.

6. In the case of Extreme incidents (major, organized and/or widespread incidents that disrupt or severely impact the atmosphere and/or function of the forum, website or Facebook group, or something criminal in nature), the report will be flagged for discussion by the full moderating team, who will determine a consensus direction and further steps as required.

Additionally, immediate emergency bans and additional actions may also be taken without warning or notification if deemed necessary.

Appeals Process

Minor or Moderate Incidents
In the event any member feels that an incident has not been resolved satisfactorily, they are welcomed to request further review (especially if new information is provided) or an alternative member of the moderation staff review the situation and actions taken. Please note, however, this does not guarantee that the outcome will be different than the original verdict.

Major and Extreme Incidents
Major and extreme incidents are dealt with on a consensus basis by the moderation team, and the resulting decisions are considered to be final unless new and substantial information becomes available. If new information is provided, it will first be reviewed by the moderation team.

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