Posting & Sharing Your Photographs

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Posting & Sharing Your Photographs

Post by IG Team » Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:18 pm

Posting and sharing of your own photographs, illustrations and other intellectual property is permitted and encouraged.

While you automatically retain copyright for your content, the Moderating Team cannot prevent members or guest from using your content on other websites. Therefore we urge everyone to take into consideration a few small things before posting:

- Consider adding a watermark to your photo or image. Watermarks can be images, your name, your website URL, etc. Please note though, we do not allow for images with shop URL watermarks outside of the Vendor section.

- Consider adding Creative Commons license information to your image. You can read further about how to do so here.

- State clearly if the image can or cannot be shared by users on external websites.

- State if the image can be used by the Immortal Geisha Wiki team to add to the wiki if it is relevant to any particular articles. If you do this, please also let a member of the wiki team know, or, please post in the IG Wiki sub-forum granting us permission.

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