Internet Meme - No External Memes Use

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Internet Meme - No External Memes Use

Post by IG Team » Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:06 pm

After careful consideration, we’ve decided that we will not allow the use of outside Internet Memes on the Immortal Geisha Forums or Facebook Group.

While we all love a good Internet Meme, copyright and fair use of Internet memes is a tricky thing. While one may consider memes to fall under fair use for parody and satire, it’s actually a lot more complicated and websites can be found in violation of copyright laws. Additionally, memes can be ambiguous with their meanings and context, and since Immortal Geisha is a diverse, global community, what may be viewed as hilarious to one, could be considered offensive to another.

HOWEVER! Don’t despair! In lieu of external memes, we encourage, no, wait, we CHALLENGE you to create hilarious, relevant memes for use on the forums and the Facebook group!

Visit the Meme Creation thread for further information.

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