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Interesting book - memories of the samurai daughter

Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:05 pm
by IG Team
OLA Dration

I find very interesting book - Sugimoto Etsu - 'A Daughter of the Samurai'. It was mentionted in Ruth Benedict book "Chrisanthemum and Sword" (another exiting book about Japanese culture and tradition).

Etsu writes about her childhood and life of the samurai family in 1870-90s

I think this book could be interesting for everyone who is interested in japanese history and traditions. Myself i read it with greate pleasure and interest )

I find this book here - ... o=B9900193

but it is not so comfortable to read scanned pages so i get a compiled PDF of this book. If anyone interested i could send it to you 8)

hope you enjoy this book )