Guidelines for Writing a Book Review (Links need updating once posts are transferred over)

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Guidelines for Writing a Book Review (Links need updating once posts are transferred over)

Post by IG Team » Sat Jun 18, 2016 3:46 pm

Guidelines for Writing a Book Review

First of all, this forum is for book reviews only. Any requests for book reviews or questions about books posted as a new thread will be deleted. Of course, you may ask questions about books already posted within those threads.

It is very important that you read these guidelines before posting a review. Reviews that do not meet the guidelines may be deleted.

The title of the thread should include the title of the book, either in English or translated English. (Rough Google translation is acceptable.) If the title is not indicative of the content, please write a very brief description of the book. Make sure you use either the British flag or Japanese flag icons to let us know in what language the book is. (If the book is in neither Japanese nor English, please let us know and we'll make a new flag as soon as possible.)

U no hana wrote:JP - As of Kimono Guide - A pictorial kimono book.

Start off with the book title. If it's a Japanese book, please include the title in translated English and Japanese in kanji. Again, a translation by Google is acceptable. Include the ISBN, the language of the book, and some links to places to purchase the book.
A picture or scan of the cover of the book would be much appreciated, especially if the book is only in Japanese.

Immortal Geisha wrote:Kimono and the Colors of Japan
着物と日本の色 (ペーパーバック)
ISBN 4894444518
JP & ENG link link link

Your Review
From here, you can write your review.

Please include a "Recommended for / Not recommended for" section.

Example (of Recommendations section):
Iyolin wrote:Recommended:
- For those interested in a slightly different look at the flower and willow world.
- For those who enjoy descriptions of wafuku.
- For those looking for a quick read about the flower and willow world.
- For those wanting a look at how their life was around 1920.

Not Recommended:
- For those looking for a detailed description of a geisha's life.
- For those wanting a complex, deeply involving read.
- For those that think geisha never had (obligatory) sex.
- For those wanting a modern book.

For tutorial books (like kitsuke books or craft books), a book breakdown is appreciated.
For picture books, up to five (5) screen resolution (72dpi) scans or links to pictures are appreciated.

A few excellent examples of book reviews:
Kimono and the Colors of Japan -- review by Immortal Geisha
Rivalry: A Geisha's Tale -- review by Iyolin
Mokona's Okimono Kimono -- review by shira
Showa Modern Kimono -- review by U no Hana

(which is not to say that other book reviews aren't good, these are just great examples of what we want in a book review.)

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