Crown Hougaku Buyou Kyoukai Kadai Kyoku Buyou Shuu [Video]

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Crown Hougaku Buyou Kyoukai Kadai Kyoku Buyou Shuu [Video]

Post by IG Team » Tue Aug 23, 2016 6:19 pm


It is called "Crown Hougaku Buyou Kyoukai Kadai Kyoku Buyou Shuu." I mentioned it in the "Dance and Music" post in the Culture section and I finally got around to watching it :)

It's all Japanese Classical Dance. It's new choreographies to new Enka music. (So you won't find any of the old stuff that the Geisha and Maiko probably dance, but all the moves are the same so...) They aren't wearning performance kimonos, just nice regular kimonos. I think this is for people who want to learn the choreography for new dances. I was a little disappointed that they weren't wearing fancier stuff (like hikizuri and wigs),but I suppose that would make it harder to see and learn from (distracting...). The only dance style I recognize here is "Fujima" <-that only from the name...they all seem to be at least Natori...

I guess all dances tell a story. Without knowing the story or understanding the lyrics sung, you can still figure out some things! Like two of the lady have parts in their dances when you can totally tell they are pouring and drinking sake! <-too cool!

There are 9 dances on it (Half women dances and half men dances) and t's about $40 (before shipping) and it's VHS and plays in an American player :) Oh, it's about 41 minutes long. ... X1WQWVHV42

Steph-neechan, you can learn real dances from this! (Though they don't break anything down...I think this is for people who know the steps already)...but it's all there so you can figure it out :)

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