「jp」Tea Ceremony Recommendations

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「jp」Tea Ceremony Recommendations

Post by Fabricmagpie » Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:57 pm

Tea Ceremony Recommendations
お茶のすすめ(Ocha no Susume)
Language: Japanese
Amazon.jp: find a copy here
Size: roughly A5


This is a lovely manga-style introduction to Tea Ceremony through the experience and anecdotes of the author.
While it mainly focuses on the equipment and techniques of Tea itself it does also have a few sections dedicated to wearing kimono for Tea, how the clothing has influenced the movements used and a day out at a kimono fabric atelier.
There are also lovely little snippets of random information, enclosed in a snake biting it's tail.
The artist/author is a regular contributor to Nanao (七の) kimono magazine.

Of particular interest I found:
- How movement in kimono has influenced Tea ceremony movement
- The discussion of the development of sweets for Tea
- Sitting, standing and Walking in Kimono

- For those just starting out in Tea, and/or are interested in knowing more about the history, process and related trivia
- For those who want to learn more incidental things about Japanese culture
- For those that like anecdotal view of aspects of life in Japan

Not Recommended:
- For those who seeking how-to kimono instructions
- For those seeking a kimono focused text
- For those who want professional level/official Tea instruction book

1 Starting Out
2 Utensils
3 Making Tea, Drinking Tea
4 Conduct*
5 The Tea room
6 Tea Meetings
7 And after that

*This is the only chapter with a focus on actual kimono. The narrator is drawn wearing kimono on and off throughout the book.

I have really enjoyed the book for its candid, casual, humorous and enabling vibe. The author loves Tea, and kimono and it comes through in her text. Even without any japanese you can get a gist of a lot of the meaning through the sequential comic format.

I will be doing a few scanslations of the kimono and wagashi pages shortly for my own interest.
They will be shared here: http://fabricmagpienest.tumblr.com/tagg ... -no-susume

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