DIY Kinchaku Bag

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DIY Kinchaku Bag

Post by kathiego243 » Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:24 am

I have been thinking about making my own Kinchaku Bag and I really thought there was something already posted in the knowledge base from long ago? I did a search here and found nothing.

Anyway, there is a seller on eBay who is selling rectangular baskets that look better than my long ago idea of using a casserole basket and somehow cutting off the carrying handles of it. Then another person is selling a heavy, thick cotton braided rope. Still others are selling popular pieces of Japanese cloth whether cotton or chirimen fabric.


Maybe this will help give someone out there ideas? The person selling the rope does have different colors so if you were to find the chirimen or other Japanese fabric you could match the rope color.

I'm very sure that somewhere in the forums there was a tutorial for cutting the fabric and sewing it to the basket part?

Please let me know. Thank you, kathiego

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